Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ananda Fuara & The SF EcoCenter

Sometimes all I want is the Neat Loaf Sandwich from Ananda Fuara. Ananda Fuara is a vegetarian restaurant on the corner of Market and Larkin, run by the disciples of Sri Chinmoy a guru. The ambiance of the restaurant is, basically a shrine to the beloved leader with all of the walls covered by his artwork, a designated area of his numerous books for sale, the music blaring through the speakers composed and performed by him, and a TV that is almost always showing tapes of him doing something amazing. The service consists of his converts shuffling around (the women wearing Saris and the men in blue polo shirts and white pants) like they were told Sri was going to speak and then realized they were actually expected to work. Dazed and confused would be a nice way to put how the staff look and act. I am sure Sri never set foot in the place before his Mahasamadhi in 2007. 
However, the food is excellent! 
My suggestion is the Neatloaf combo only available for lunch, the Neatloaf Sandwich, or the Neatloaf Dinner, which comes with mash potatoes and gravy. The Neatloaf is vegetarian made with some dairy, but now they have a vegan version that tastes pretty good also. 

Yesterday, en route to Ananda Fuara, I ended up parking on Grove Street across from the library and noticed a building I had never paid much attention to before. The big sign read SF Environment and the little sign (on paper) said it was the EcoCenter. The EcoCenter is a facility, run by the city of San Francisco that focuses on better ways we can all be more green. There happens to be a small gallery in their lobby that is showcasing Art Furniture made by Larry Berger. All of his pieces are made from found materials and recycled or milled wood.

I would like to leave you with some words of wisdom from the late great Sri Chinmoy

Be Happy
Be happy in the morning with what you have. Be happy in the evening with what you are. Be happy. Don't complain. Who complains? The blind beggar in you. When you complain, you dance in the mire of ignorance-condition. When you don't complain, all conditions of the world are at your feet, and God gives you a new name: aspiration. Aspiration is the supreme wealth in the world of light and delight.