Friday, June 24, 2011

Gas Lighting Pipe Needs To Be Covered

This Old House

I finally got someone to change the light fixtures in my hallway & office -- look what I found.
That is the gas lighting pipe, from before this place was electrified.
It sicks out about 3". The previous fixture screwed into a nipple in the pipe. Now, it's just hanging by the wires.

This is what I want to put in it's place -- any suggestions?

There aren't any threads on the stem of the replacement fixture.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Ideas

Here are my first thoughts on what I might like in my new kitchen

I decided I should get a stove that's 30" instead of 36" so I can have a regular size dishwasher. Then I'll get a smaller single bowl sink. 

At first I thought I'd get black appliances, but that seems too dark. Now, I'm drooling over the stainless professional stoves that cost a fortune.
These are the cheapest ones I found.

The one on the left is DCS by Fisher & Paykel $2,500 & the other is Bertazzoni for $2,000 including the hood.
This is my 1950's Danish Teak table with my 1961 Denby Arabesque dishes from England

 The red is the floor tile Armstrong Red II & the other swatches are the paint colors with the darker for the cabinets & the lighter for the walls.
The red tile on the left is more truer to the color.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now What?

I am second guessing my decision to remodel the kitchen & the bathroom.
I feel like whatever bid I get from a contractor, I am realistically looking at paying double. 
My Dad is a retired draftsperson, general contractor, architect and he thinks it could end up costing $100,000.
So, we both freaked out.

Here are photos of how it looks now.

Looking into the kitchen from the Living room. If I close the door to the bathroom I can't open the kitchen drawer. Plus, the upper cabinets are too high. The knobs are 6' off of the ground.


This is my usable counter space. There are no electrical outlets on the other side of the sink.

The Washer & Dryer that doesn't fit & the wall that seperates the pantry from the kitchen.

The WC door & back door closed & open. When I open the back door it hits the WC door.

Bathroom w/o cabinets

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Back!


I know, it's been almost a year since my last post. 
I don't want to bore you with all of the details -- I went through a bad break up. 

Now, I am embarking on a kitchen/bathroom remodel and I want to chronicle it.

I bought the condo I had been renting for 8 years. 
Over a year ago the owner of the unit lost it to the bank. Two weeks ago I bought it from the bank.

Now, I'm ready to do the remodel I have been dreaming about the entire time I've lived here.

The bathroom was built on a porch that was enclosed in 1910. 
However, they didn't bother to straighten out the floor. 
I found out decks are built at a slant so water rolls off.

Here are some of the issues I have with the original layout:
1) The floor slopes
2) It's a split bath
3) The entry to the bathroom is through the kitchen
4) The door to the WC hits the back door
5) The kitchen has a stupid 5' 9" X 3' pantry
6) The kitchen has two 1' sections of counter space
7) No dishwasher

It turns out that DBI (Department of Building Inspection) does not allow Owner/builder projects on condos, TIC's & townhouses. 
I have to go legal and get permits, because I want to move the toilet.
So, I have to hire a general contractor.

I've had three different contractors come by, but I haven't received a bid, yet.
But, I drew up by hand (so, be nice) one set of plans showing how it looks now and another with my design.

Here are the floor plans, the one on the left shows how it is now and the other is the new design

Please, feel free to tell me anything you think is pertinent. 
I am already overwhelmed and I haven't even picked the contractor.