Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crack Is Good, Coca-Cola Is Bad

It is my second day of blogging and I already have three followers! It's kind of exciting. I can already feel the pressure!

Clearly, in San Francisco not buying a Coke at a festival is a crime they are willing to stamp out with full force. However, crack isn't a problem with the SFPD I think, because there aren't any official crack vendors sponsoring the festival...not yet, anyway. 

Pretty much every weekend there is at least one neighborhood or cultural event going on in San Francisco. Last weekend was Carnival in the Mission district, which consists of a parade going down Mission Street and a festival with booths on Harrison Street between 16th and 22nd Streets. A friend of mine lives on 16th St. and I live by Cesar Chavez, so we decided to meet somewhere in the middle of the festival part.

I catch the tail end of the parade; a flatbed truck with a Jimi Hendricks look-a-like, a fleet of Mini Coopers with "Zip Car" plastered all over them, a pirate ship being towed by a red truck, and two cops on bicycles in shorts bringing up the rear. As I head up towards the festival part, I notice a guy smoking crack, oblivious to the fact that there are children with their families standing right next to him. I try to get his attention to no avail--he's smoking crack--he can't be bothered. I walk over to the cop who is standing two steps away from the guy and tell him about the crack. The police officer shoots me a look, like I am some kind of whiner, like I need to lighten up, because it's Carnival.

I see my friend and she tells me that the festival is awful, because it is fenced in and there are cops frisking everyone entering, looking for food or beverages. I told her about the guy smoking crack right out in the open during the parade and she said all of the cops were at the festival cracking down on the food smuggling ring.

So, remember if on a whim you decide to attend a community festival in San Francisco, load up on your crack, but leave the Coke at home.

My Photos of Carnival

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