Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ug, it's morning...

I got my haircut on Friday. I like it a lot better than my last hack job, I mean cut, but it needs work. What is it with hair cutters in San Francisco? Why is it so difficult to get a decent haircut? When did it become OK to complain about the client's hair. I have always had baby fine hair. However, now that I am 47 years old it seems to be a problem, not with me, but with the 20 something year olds cutting my hair. Friday, the young woman cutting my hair complained to me, that I had a lot of hair in the back...of my head. That seems like a good thing, right? I don't know if it is a communication breakdown or what.

Check it out...seriously, what's this long piece, for? I mean, do I really look like the kind of person into asymmetrical haircuts? Oh, and my bangs might be a little long...<sigh>


  1. I recommend Jennifer Hofmann at Glama-Rama on S. VanNess !

  2. Thanks,
    Georgia from Glamarama is the one who hacked it up last time. This time I went to Blo on Laguna. I'm going back today for them to fix it.