Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chloe 1996 - 2009

I found Chloe at a garage sale in Berkeley thirteen years ago. I really hadn't thought about getting a kitten. I visited my friend Jesse in Berkeley and on the way home I stopped at a garage sale. I was picking and poking at everything out on the front stoop when I noticed a basket of kittens. I had and have been to a lot of garage sales in my lifetime and this was the first time kittens were part of the sale. I looked at the teeny tiny mewing kittens and thought they were really cute, but wasn't interested in taking one.

One of the little kids that lived at the house mentioned there was one more kitten, but warned me that she was not like the other ones. That definitely peaked my interest. He pointed at the screen door with two large dobermans standing at attention behind it, on the top of the stoop. I was very confused and told him I wasn't going in the house past those dogs. He laughed and asked me to look at the bottom of the door behind the screen. There they were, two tiny little ears perched above a pair of eyes that could barely see over the bottom pane of the screen door, right in between the two guard dogs. She looked tiny compared to the dogs, but she was three times (if not more) bigger than the other helpless looking kittens squirming in the basket. "I'll take her" I remember saying and snatched her up.

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