Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dior's Birthday In Santa Cruz

Dior wanted to get away from it all for her birthday, which is actually today. She rented a really cute little apartment a few blocks from the beach at Pleasure Point for the whole weekend. I drove down Friday afternoon to stay Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately, I ended up leaving early in the afternoon on Saturday. It turns out my apartment is infested with fleas and Sadie (my cat) just kept hissing and growling at Nancy. She couldn't even spend the night it was so bad. That worried me so I just went home.

Right after we got to Santa Cruz we went to the Beach Boardwalk. Sweet, the studio manufactured band from the seventies with the hits Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz, played two shows on the boardwalk. It was a little frightening to see the aging rock stars come out on the stage, in a This Is Spinal Tap kind of way. A woman a little older than me standing to my left, turned to me and said "We have nothing to worry about, we look great, compared to them!" I yelled to the 22 year old kid standing next to me, "Now do you get the movie Spinal Tap?" The whole group of geezers behind me laughed. A spectator told me that the bass player, wearing the cape, was the only original member of the band. It just made us wonder why they looked so tragic, then.

I mean, I can't complain the weather was perfect, the show was free and I was at the beach with one of my dearest friends. Here's a link to all of the photos I took. Unfortunately, I only was able to snap pics during the show, before my camera died.

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