Saturday, November 14, 2009


Surgery went well and I think my foot looks pretty good. However, I was very disappointed when the bandages were removed and I could plainly see that the Dr. didn't fix the hammer toe, right next to the big toe. I freaked out, but he reassured me that it will be fixed. He explained that the big fix was the bunion and the hammer toe will only take 15 minutes with a local and I'd be able to walk on it the same day. Unfortunately, that won't be done until this is healed in two months. He also told me that I will be using crutches for two months.

Check out the pictures, he had to cut into three different places on my foot. I believe bones were broken, rotated, shaved, and pushed into the correct places.

One Week After Surgery

Bruising By The Ankle

The View From My Doctor's Office

Kidra Taking Off The Bandages

Kidra Getting Closer

No Swelling

The Yellow is the Adhesive, the Purple Marks Incisions, The Red is Blood

He Forgot To Fix The Hammer Toe
(The purple on the big toe is bruising from the bandage being too tight)


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