Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Adding A New Category To This Blog!

I need to have a space to document the facts and run commentary regarding the bitches and assholes who are my neighbors. I am not sure what to call it. OK, how about The Bitches and Assholes Driving Me Crazy? The title might need some fine tuning.

I live in an apartment that was once a single family house that had been split into three units with one upstairs and two downstairs. Later, the apartments were turned into condos. Two women D and K live upstairs. One of them (D) owns the upstairs flat and K acquired the apartment next to mine downstairs with her two sisters and brother about four years ago. K rents the two bedroom apartment out to three people C, A, and J. My apartment is owned by a different woman who is independent from them.

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Everything was great until four years ago when it was decided that since they owned two-thirds of the property they will pretend they own all of it. Because of this lopsided circumstance the couple upstairs and the tenants next to me can do what ever they want, but if I do anything besides breath, all hell breaks loose. My landlady is very young and doesn't want trouble so she just lets them run right over me and K and D are perfectly happy with that arrangement.

The last time I talked with D (the woman who owns the upstairs flat) she told that she is trying to get me to move out. I never really felt comfortable with writing about this on my blog before, but I changed my mind once she copped to harassing me. So, basically this new category will document all of the harassment. This way I will have a place to vent my frustrations and the documentation I'll need when I take them to court.

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  1. Merde!! I'm so sorry this is happening ... home needs to be a safe place ... plus, what timing, what with your foot and all! What does your mom recommend?