Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secret Blog for Lynnore

OK, I got this today. Do people really fall for this shit or do men just see this and think, Oh goodie another porn site?

I think this whole set up is rather interesting. For instance, the subject in the email header is somewhat personal, but then it is sent to undisclosed-recepients. The whole thing reads so ridiculous. First it starts with an email with instructions to click over to a private blog letter made especially for me, and then in the blog letter I am directed to click on a website that might ask for my credit card number and birth date.

As I kept reading and it got stupider and stupider, I kept imagining the worst about the web site. In my mind it went from a phone sex site to weird looking men with small heads, pursed lips, and squinty eyes holding their big dicks in their hands. I was eating breakfast when I read my private blog letter just for me, yogurt to be exact, so I was a little apprehensive about going to the site.  However, to my dismay when I finally clicked over to the website it was just a sex cam site with women. I think I would have been turned off if it was men, but I was still disappointed, mostly because it is just the same old crap.

    Subject:     Lynnore i hope this isnt a mistake
    Date:     December 3, 2009 2:25:24 AM PST
    To:     undisclosed-recipients:;

Hi Lynnore.....
I'm not guaranteed if Im still going to submit this email, although I must write it or Ill go crazy....I dont understand how else to mention this.... I have a crush on u. been thinking about you always and Im petrified to let out my feelings to you...youll know why if you knew who this is. I may regret this another day, though I think I should to tell you now. I posted a private blog letter for you it is
hidden blog for Lynnore
I truely believe I'm not making a terrible decision but after planning this I know I have to click Send

Secret Blog for Lynnore


If you're reading this I guess you got my e-mail. I'm still not completely sure about this but I can't hide my feelings any longer. I want you to guess who I am and approach me yourself. To help you out with your guessing I made a few pictures and videos with Lynnore written on my body. Theyre kind of risque photos so I had to make a profile at and post them there. My username in the members area is ILuvLynnore09. Its a free website but you might need a CC or Debit to verify your age because I had to. Sigh. But anyway sign up at and once you are inside search for me. I want you to guess who I am and then approach me yourself. Im shy and this is the bravest thing Ive probably ever done but you need to do the rest.


  1. Thank you so much Lynnore, I received the same stupid email that you did. I spent a great deal of time trying to find the idiot who sent it. All I found were these email addresses for and the idiot also has an AOL address as well: I'm still laughing.

  2. I just got the same email... I am so pissed. It was send n addressed to my husband to which I almost called at work and told him to F off I am done. Only it came from a different aol address.

  3. hey um im only 13 and got the SAME xact email and was really freakd out at first
    how do u think they r able to send us those emails?

  4. Haillee,

    I believe it is a computer program auto sending the emails. They are not targeting anyone in particular. You were not really singled out, even though the email is set up to look like one particular person is interested in you.

    However, if you are really only 13 years old, then you need to know that the secret admirer email you received is a type of spam to lure adults to their porn site to spend money.

    This part is important, if you ever do receive an email, text, or phone call like this one, talking about sexy photos of themselves from someone who you think is an actual person, tell your parents immediately and call the police.

    By the way what did your parents think about that email?

  5. i got an e-mail with same info i was really flattered and tried to contact this fool while trying i stumbled across this site and found that there were other e-mails sent to other people then i realized that i have been played in useing my name he sounded real authentic but i am just glad now i know and who ever it is should not be dumb enough to not know that what ever is done in darkness comes to light shame on him or her for scamming innocent people if we all knew who he or she was we could get together and kick his ass! (laugh)what goes around comes back one day this person will go to far and get back what he or she deserves!