Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Seemed Like A good Idea

Last Monday, Thomas and I went to see "Exit Through The Gift Shop" a movie about street art. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the documentary. I recommend anyone even remotely interested in art, sociology, anthropology, visual anthropology, and/or film to see this flick. And it is my opinion that it should be seen on the big screen, because it is about art.

 Sycamore Alley

After seeing the movie I got caught up in learning more about Banksy's art and who I thought Banksy was in the film. The story is sewn together with clips of the guerrilla artist Banksy in shadow, wearing a hoody, with his voice distorted. Immediately I figured since he was the only one protecting his identity, so to speak, out of many people who were featured throughout the piece, that someone else interviewed was probably him. So, every time a new face would pop up on the screen I'd wonder if that was in fact Banksy and not who they wanted you to think they were.

 Parking lot on Mission Street

It turns out, Banksy tagged the streets of San Francisco right around the movie opened here in the theaters...what a coincidence!  OK, well I went on line and found out where they were and decided Thomas and I would go around and take pictures of them before they were painted over or stolen by art galleries looking to cash in. We didn't really have a lot of time so I just stuck with the Mission area. The first one I tried to find was already painted over. That surprised me, because it was right above Amnesia, I mean really. However, the other ones I had chosen to see were still there. After stopping and taking pictures of the first one, I realized how Bourgeois this was, but we pushed on.


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