Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The IRS Is Messin' With My Credit Report!

Here's the thing, in October of 2006 I was sent a paper from the IRS stating I owed them $14,000 and some change for taxes due in 2000. I totally freaked out and went into the IRS office and we figured it all out and was told I only owed $300.

So, jump to the present 2009 and I can't seem to get any credit, so I request my credit reports to see what is wrong. Basically, it says I still owe the IRS $14 thousand and some change. I called the woman at the IRS who helped me the first time. She told me the case is closed and I have to call another 800 number. I called the 800 number and wrote this post while on has been over ten minutes and I don't even know if the person who answers is even someone who can help me. At some point after following menu after menu I just got a recording that told me to wait for the next available operator.

...five more minutes have passed...the recorded hold music is really loud and screechy. I am holding the phone away from my ear. I don't have it on speaker phone, because I don't know how to revert back to regular phone once it's on speaker.'s been five more minutes...I am holding the phone w/ my left hand and typing with my feels weird, because I am left coffee is cold.

Oh man, my eyelid feels weird. It's fine, there was a speck of dirt on it. I got it off...My forehead is itchy and the lines between my eyebrows feel really deep.

OK, six more minutes have passed...I totally recognize the song that is playing over and over and over and over and over, stopping and starting in the same places, but I can't place isn't "I Could Have Danced All Night" but it is something like it. It might even be from the same movie...

I can't hang up, because the recorded message says I'll lose my place in line...

Well I got a person at 12:36pm, I think it was a 30 minute wait. I gave the woman all of my info and then she put me back on hold...I am on hold,'s a different song...and another one, maybe Debussay, I'm not spelling his name right...oh, Hello?

OK, it's good news I just have to go in and pay the $353.46--interest has accrued...I guess I never paid that...oops.

Wow, I just looked at the time I started this post and it looks like I was on hold for 45 minutes, yipes! It was totally worth it, because now I know how to get the IRS off my credit report.

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