Monday, June 8, 2009

Poker is Calling!

This is a "SHOUT OUT" to everyone I know!

Poker, poker, poker! That is all I can think about. I really want to go to Vegas and start playing. This time of year, during the WSOP, is the best time to see great action in most of the poker rooms. However, my going to Las Vegas for the summer is contingent upon two things...One, subletting my apartment and Two, working--preferably as a WSOP reporter--while I am there. I am so broke I do not imagine myself just taking off for two months without a few "ducks" in order.

Now, back to reality...I went to thirteen art openings Thursday and Friday that I need to write about for Art Business and I need to work on a presentation--to curate an exhibition--for an art gallery owner...

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