Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dirty Laundry

I made it back to San Francisco early Thursday morning and couldn't wait to check out the art shows in town. I covered five art openings the next day (Friday July 10th) Venus Gallery, Curiosity Shoppe, 31 Rausch, Electric Works, and 1AM Gallery.

This week's comments about last week's art openings are up to be viewed on

If you can only make it to one art show this week or month I suggest you check out Electric Works: The Cresting Wave - The San Francisco Underground Comix Experience.
Artists: Mark Bode, Vaughn Bode, Guy Colwell, R. Crumb, Jay Kinney, Paul Mavrides, Dan O'Neill, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Larry Todd, Randy Vogel, S. Clay Wilson. Curated by Dan Fogel.


  1. I don't get out to galleries much, but your recommendations will help get me going! Let me know if you ever need a reviewer assistant. I can hold your notepad, feed you grapes or just keep you company, if you want.

  2. Well, I usually go Friday evenings. You can come with me anytime you want.