Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Yorker Article About My Friend Anna Sophie

This is an interview in the New Yorker with my friend Anna Sophie Lowenberg, also check out her show Sexy Beijing.

This is the website for Sexy Beijing

Letter from China Posted by Evan Osnos July 10, 2009

Q. and A.: Anna Sophie Loewenberg

annasophie1.JPGAnna Sophie Loewenberg is the star and producer of “Sexy Beijing,” an online series of sly, knowing videos about a hapless, curious foreigner which has proved popular among expats, language students, and mainland Chinese. (The d├ębut episode, “Looking for Double Happiness,” has been viewed more than one and a half million times on YouTube.) The videos, which run from five to ten minutes, are loose parodies of “Sex and the City,” with Loewenberg playing a hammy version of herself, careering around town to interview construction workers, dog-walkers, cranky old men, and, on occasion, Lubavitchers about their love lives. The latest episode goes online this week. Read More...

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