Friday, July 3, 2009

My Hair Hurts

Good morning everyone! Sleeping is not so simple in Las Vegas. The weather contributes to my sleep deprivation issue as much as the sun. The temperature outside was 90 degrees at 3:30 this morning, which was the coolest it has been here in days. Air conditioning is imperative in the desert. However, sleeping with the air conditioning blasting all night, basically sucks the moisture right out of the air and all life as we know it. I can feel my skin and hair drying up as I write this. Too much air conditioning also gives me a sore throat.

On the other hand, not having the air conditioning on while trying to sleep feels like laying in an oven set to broil. Then there is the issue of the sun. I mean give me a break, the sun rises at like 5 am and in an instant the pitch black room is so bright it hurts my eyes. If I go to sleep when it is still dark outside, within a few hours I am jolted from my dreams by the sunrise with my eyes, throat, and head all hurting at once. I don't even drink alcohol. That's when I get up, go to the bathroom, down a bottle of water, get back in bed, put on my movie star--don't bug me, kid--eye mask and wrestle with the elements until I fall back to sleep for maybe another hour or two.

I know the best time to sleep in the desert is at night, because it is the coolest and darkest time of the day. However, it's Vegas, baby. Why would I sleep at night?

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