Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Made A Mistake

In my last post Talking Is So Underrated I wrote down the wrong dog breed when referring to my cousin Nancy's dog Moxie a Shih Tzu.

So, how do I correct that type of thing? Usually, when I write something that has been published, I have to write a statement declaring the mistake with the correction in a separate piece, without ever actually changing the error in the original publication. But, this is a blog. Let me be clear, this is my blog, I have total control. I can edit each post whenever and however I want. It seems sneaky to just fix the mistake without mentioning it. So, I am making it real clear I am doing both. I am mentioning the error in this post and I am making the correction in the original post. 


  1. Oy, I had to get a google account in order to comment ... now that I have, I promise to write right here every time! :) Thanks for correcting Moxie's breed ... not that there's anything wrong about being a Lhasa, but ... :) Moxie sends his love and his thanks!

  2. Really? Another friend of mine mentioned something about having to sign up to comment, but I thought he was just being paranoid. Gigi just commented that she had to leave a comment, because she checked the "funny" box.
    Sorry about that, but thanks.