Monday, October 12, 2009

Talking Is So Underrated

I had a great weekend. It was one of those weekends where I was cognizant of the fact I have a blog. I would do something fun, hear something funny or interesting and I would pause to take a mental note to make sure it goes on my next post ASAP! I felt like I was narrating and directing my life, because it needed the push.

So let's see, I need a moment while I scroll down the mental list of what I SHOULD write about...Friday night? No, I can't even remember what I did Friday night...Saturday...made two pillows not important...went to Writers With Drinks at The Make Out Room, Yes! The writers and their readings, maybe...the audience, sure. See, now that I have started outlining this post, nothing seems that great anymore. My weekend experiences went from fond memories I can't wait to talk about, to an academic exercise tedious and insignificant.

On Sunday, I saw Zombieland and my cousin Nancy's new dog Moxie. After that I went to Safeway and bought a box of gumdrops, you know the chewy candies made of pure sugar covered in sugar, plus TEN different crappy cookies I plucked out of the cookie bin located in the corner of the store, along with two half gallons of unfiltered apple juice, white cheddar cheese, bananas, and my usual health food purchases. I ate three cookies on the way home and four more at home, plus half of the disgusting gum drops and then ate diner. However, I don't think that is really worth mentioning. Except, I totally recommend Zombieland and Moxie is the cutest dog I have ever seen. Oh and I feel like I'm hormonal...because of all the sugar.

Oh shoot, now I remember what I did Friday night. I went to five different open studio art openings. I promised Alan I would cover them for his website Art Business. I feel kind of bad that I forgot about the art openings. I am pretty sure I visited over fifty art studios and talked to most of the artists about their work. Anyway, I shouldn't write about the art stuff here, because my comments are going on the Art Business website.

Actually, I did have a good time at the openings. I ran into a couple of people I haven't seen in a long time and a couple I run into a lot. My friend Wickie was giving life advice free for five minutes with a friend of hers, Dana a career coach. My five minutes turned into a half an hour and then Wickie's boyfriend Jed came up and we all justed started talking about everything we could think of. (I don't think I should end that sentence with the word of.) Oh well...

Oh my God! My cousin Nancy just won a two year long battle with her landlords and was finally able to get a dog. She has been volunteering at Pets Unlimited to get in her dog fix, because her apartment wouldn't allow dogs. It's a long story, but she cat sat my cat Chloe when I went to Costa Rica for a year and when I came back Chloe ended up staying with her, so she had her a total of nine years. When Nancy got married she gave her back to me, because her husband is deathly allergic to cats. Giving her back broke her heart. So, that's when she turned her attention to dogs. Her husband isn't allergic to dogs. On August 10th at thirteen years old, we put Chloe to sleep, because she was so sick. I think that was the catalyst that gave her the courage to really get serious with her landlords about the dog issue.

Well, jumping ahead...her landlords finally acquiesced and she got Moxie, a teeny Shih Tzu, recovering from a gnarly dog mauling experience that left her with broken bones in two of her legs, a punctured rib, and a ton of other things I am not sure of, because my brain stopped listening after hearing about the punctured lung. Apparently, the previous owners were visiting a friend with Moxie, who had a viscous dog that attacked him. Then they just dropped him off at Pets Unlimited where my cousin (who had been pining away for a dog) just happened to be. Sunday during my visit with Moxie, we tried to teach him how to shake, but we didn't really know what we were doing and we weren't sure if we should shake the foot that had the cast or the good one. Anyway, he loved the sound of the clicker and the treats.

Oh, I just got an email from Mike one of the three guys I let sit in the booth I snagged at Writers With Drinks. I got to The Make Out Room an hour early and there was already a line out in front. By the time I entered the bar all of the seats at the little tables directly in front of the stage were taken so, I grabbed a booth to the side of the stage. The place was filling up fast. First a lesbo (I say lesbo, however butch dike is more fitting, but it sounds so dated) around my age, asked me if she and her two friends could share it with me. I said sure, but it kind of looked like her friends liked where they were.  It turned out I actually know her. She was a friend of one of my neighbors and came into my store all of the time. I am trying to remember which pronoun she preferred. I am pretty sure it's she, but I really can't remember. Then I let a guy named Tom sit there with the condition that there would be enough room for all of us, including Barbara who had asked me (earlier) to save her a seat. The second he sat down two guys wanted to know if there was room for them. I screamed to my friend Danny the lesbo and she shook her head, so the two guys Mike and Steve (or is it Steven?) squeezed into the booth. Barbara didn't come until after the show had started. So, for about an hour four perfect strangers all excited to see Charlie Jane Anders' show, passed the time by actually talking to each other.  It seemed so old fashioned, but it felt right.

 Me and My Boothmate Tom
photo by Steven Black another boothmate

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