Friday, October 23, 2009 and Second Life

I hadn't talked to one of my friends for a long time, so when I called her, I asked her if she's seeing anyone. I loathe asking anyone that question, especially a woman who is in her forties or older. I mostly do it as a manipulative ploy. That way we don't have to talk about me and my singleness, at least not right away. She said she's still dabbling in on line dating. I tried three years ago with terrible, but not surprising results. I feel I am single, because I just seem to meet men who don't really do it for me for one reason or another. So, basically being on meant I just had to deal with a bigger pool of men I didn't want to know.

I hear a lot of crazy stories from my friends about the men they meet on line. My friend (I had mentioned at the top if this post) told me a few more weird stories. One about how the guy (on the third date) went on and on about his interactions with his fellow employees. I think I had blurted out, "bor-ring!" She replied, "Maybe, but he doesn't know his fellow workers, he telecommutes. He's never even met them. He doesn't even know what some of them look like." But that's not even the crazy story.

She told me that she set up a date with a guy that looked and sounded great, kind of George Clooney-esque with steely blue eyes. The date couldn't have gone better, he was even better looking in person, very charming and interesting. Basically, she said she was immediately smitten by her date. I don't even know how he told her, but somehow it was apparent that he was looking for a girlfriend to have in his virtual reality called Second Life. He said she would be a really cute avatar. He thought they were perfect together and could have a great romance in the game.

Seriously, and I was starting to buy into all the crap I hear. That I am single, because I don't try hard enough to snare a man. If I sign up for collagen injections, plastic surgery, and Brazilian wax jobs I would not be single.

Don't worry kiddies, I haven't given up all hope. Now, not only can us single women enlarge the pool of losers we already have to chose from by signing up for,, Yahoo Personals, eHarmony, Facebook, Myspace,, and we can expand it infinitely more, by looking for men in a whole other world, one that doesn't even exist. I can't wait until we can start looking for our soul mates on another planet! Or better yet why do we have to stick to our own solar system or galaxy for that matter? Remember girls, the sky's the limit!

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