Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas With The Goldfarbs

I feel compelled to do a type of recap of my life as a post on this blog, because I haven't written anything for almost two weeks. However, that type of literal writing simply isn't my style. I mean, I take great pains to make sure everything I write is clear, concise, and easy to read. However, simply listing or recounting the things I have done, seen, and experienced on such a public arena seems like an exercise in masturbation and boredom. Two places one gets to that shouldn't require very much work.

I have been with my family and friends in the Los Angeles area since December 21st and having a great time. The weather is perfect and I am visiting all of the people and friends I had planned to see. I love my parents, they are like little kids, always a lot of fun. However, how do you know, if your parents are getting Alzheimer's, if they are eccentric in the first place? What, if growing up your Mom or Dad used to stand at the back door (everyday for thirty years) trying every key on the key chain, before finding the right one, even though that door was never kept locked? If they never recognized their house key when they were in their prime, then what are the signs to look for now they are old? What if my Mom always ate ice cream sandwiches for breakfast in the summer? Do we think she might be losing it, if she starts eating them in the winter or at a different time of day?

I love coming home no matter what, because it makes me see clearly how much I am loved and missed, by these crazy people I call my family and friends. Is a marriage over when your husband is addicted to phone sex, cyber sex, and real life sex with other women? Is it OK to call the guy you are having sex with your boyfriend, even though he spends days like Christmas, New Year's, and his birthday with other women?  My three year old cousin squealed uncontrollably when she saw a present for her wrapped in purple and pink sparkly wrapping paper.

I am going back home to San Francisco on Saturday and I can't wait to see my cat and the guy I made out with right before I left. I hope they are just as happy to see me as I am to see them.

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