Monday, January 25, 2010

Norma's Cookies

While Thomas was explaining to me how he felt about his family being so far away, I recalled another story he told me that included the care packages his Mom had sent him every Christmas full of homemade cookies. She had stopped sending them when her health started failing.

So, all day on Saturday we made the exact cookies she had sent him annually for so many years, many years ago. We made three different kinds of cookies Peanut Butter with Hershey's Kisses, Rainbow cookies consisting of three layers--one with Maraschino cherries, one chocolate, and one with pecans--and Cornflake Marshmallow Holly cookies.

I might have had the Peanut Butter ones before, but I have never had the other two kinds. However, the Cornflake Marshmallow Holly cookies are basically Rice Crispy Treats with cornflakes instead of Rice Crispy's. Just so you know these are not health food cookies. As a matter of fact they are the opposite of health food, the anti-health food snack if you will.
They were really good!


  1. They are beautiful, but marshmallows? Marshmallows? Do you two know what marshmallows are made of???

  2. Oh we one point, Thomas was ready to throw away the marshmallow ones and not even send them. He thought it would be mean, like sending poison. However, the whole point was to send the exact cookies his Mom had sent him.

    I'm telling you these were not health food cookies...they were anti-health food cookies! We made another cookie with maraschino cherries! We kept some of the peanut butter and ribbon cookies, but sent all of the Holly cookies.